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Reclaimed wood is fast becoming a new trend.  It’s rustic, homey and unique. Here are the steps involved to create your one of a kind vision.


Step 1:

Source the lumber.  This may require up to 300 miles or more of travel time or up to 3 to 4 days in the field.  Once we find a source, then we dig through piles of lumber to hand pick the perfect pieces for each project. 

Step 2:

Unload and sort the jigsaw puzzle pieces.  Then we begin cleaning, polishing and buffing the wood.  This may require hours to remove all of the dust and debris from each individual board.

(this is the dust from just one board)

Step 3:

Begin choosing the pieces of the puzzle and fitting them together.

Step 4:

Scratch head and try some more… This is not as easy as you might think!

What to do when a reclaimed board is missing a large knot? You get extra creative and make your own! This piece will be highly visible and just can’t have a hole in it.
Our craftsmen are so skilled you won’t be able to tell it didn’t grow that way.

Step 5:

Assemble the project and make sure everything fits together perfectly.  We strive to never use nails or screws; we are proud utilize wood to wood joinery.

Step 6:

Sealing the wood.  Ladies, it won’t even snag your clothes! The wood retains its rough appearance while the finish will be silky smooth.

Step 7:

Deliver and assemble the finished project in your home. 

This is not necessarily an economical choice. While the designs can be duplicated if desired, each piece is guaranteed to be totally unique due to the nature of the wood. For the discerning client who desires a rustic, truly one of a kind custom creation, this is the only way to go!

Front Entry Dutch Door $8500 + materials

Bathroom Vanity with shelves and Mirror frame $4900 + materials


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